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Ozone application in aquarium

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-02-12 17:06
Large municipal aquariums and zoos disinfect water with ozone to protect various species from infection and waterborne diseases. Ozone destroys bacteria, inactivates viruses, and oxidizes organics. The water is clean, clear, and safe.No odor,no harmful residue,fective microbe control and water clarity are four main requirements.

(1) Water disinfection
The main use of ozone in water treatment is disinfection. When estimating the amount of ozone in water disinfection, the required degree of disinfection, type of influent, and stability of water quality must be considered. After pretreatment to remove the main oxygen consumption factors in the water, such as nitrite, color, and suspended matter, the ozone dosage can be reduced by 90%. Ozone can increase the permeability of biological organism cells, inactivate the intracellular material, destroy the intracellular enzyme system or enter the cell to destroy its nucleic acid chemistry, so it can be sterilized and disinfected.
(2) Detoxification of ozone on red tide
The hazards of red tides are caused by harmful substances or harmful metabolites of red tide organisms. The large number of red tide organisms can cause hypoxia in water bodies. The toxic metabolites produced by red tide organisms deteriorate the water quality, which is very detrimental to the survival of marine larvae. In marine fish and shrimp breeding, accidents caused by a large number of seedlings due to red tides occur from time to time. The use of chemical addition methods has been reported, but it is not ideal to use this method to control red tides in marine aquaculture facilities. Some people in foreign countries have studied that ozone can also inactivate red tide toxins. It is a safe and effective way to treat the seawater where red tide has occurred with ozone, and then supply it to aquariums and marine farms.
(3) Improve water quality and prevent aquatic animal diseases
Ozone can improve water quality and has a good effect on preventing aquatic animal diseases. In closed-circuit aquaculture water, the main problem in operation is the accumulation of toxic substances, especially ammonia nitrogen and nitrite. When the biological load of the water circulation system increases, the nitrification of the floating bed is incomplete, and the waste can be decomposed by fermentation within 24 hours. However, after the introduction of ozone, the closed-circuit seawater system was relatively stable within 24 hours, and the accumulation of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite decreased significantly.
(4) Shellfish purification
In France and the United States, etc. The use of ozone to purify shellfish has become a commercial model, and the contaminated rhododendron has been purified by ozone treatment; ozone can effectively remove contaminating coliforms within 48 hours. China's sea and freshwater shellfish resources are quite abundant, but due to the pollution of water bodies along the coast, resource utilization is limited. For example, the study on the situation of eating contaminated edulis carrying hepatitis A virus to investigate the mechanism of ozone killing of hepatitis A virus in the scorpion, it may be a desirable way to purify the edulis with ozone. The practical study on ozone-purified shellfish is for further study.

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