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Textile and garment fabric ozone decolorization system

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:25
In recent years, with the continuous development of ozone technology, the company will closely integrate the market demand, take ozone technology as the core, strive for excellence, and meet the needs of customers to develop and apply environmental technologies such as ozone technology.
Ozone is a strong oxidizing gas with superior decolorization ability for all dyeing. Ozone can destroy the color and color-promoting groups of these dyes to achieve decolorization, but ozone has different effects on various organic dyes. It takes 5 minutes to decolorize the basic dye for 90% and 5-10 minutes for the direct dye. In contrast, azo dyes are more susceptible to oxidation. The basic composition commonly found in dyes is the hydroxy azo pigment. When these compounds are reacted with 03, the phenolphthalein, which is first ozone and a hydroxybenzylidene dye, can be used as an indicator by reversible opening and ring closure of the lactone ring to produce color and color loss. Alkaline phenolphthalein reacts easily with 03. Ozone undergoes a 1.3 addition reaction at the electron-rich C=C bond, which can cleave the pigment skeleton and decolorize.

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