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Ozone generator concentration constant constant system

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:30
Ozone generator concentration constant constant system is widely used
Dahuan Ozone Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic company with ozone technology as the core, mainly used in drinking water, tap water, sewage, film coating, industrial oxidation, air disinfection, swimming pool disinfection, waste gas treatment, ozone system development, design and Manufacturing professional company.
Nowadays, due to the continuous deterioration of the environment, natural natural water cannot be safely consumed. It needs to be fully purified and sterilized by industrialization to ensure safe drinking. However, in the industrial purification, it also adds the sub-surface effect brought by the incomplete purification and excessive dosage of sterilization and disinfection agents to increase the safety hazard to drinking water. For example, when there is bromide in the drinking water source, excessive ozone may produce bromate (the bromide in the water source is very dangerous to generate bromate, because bromate is a potential carcinogen. The standard for bromate is determined as: 25μg L-1 European standard new label: 10μg L-1,) removal of bromate may be difficult, but it can be adjusted by preventing the possibility of bromate formation. Constant ozone concentration and addition of activated carbon filtration. Water is the source of life To solve the side effect of disinfection of drinking water, our company has made unremitting efforts to develop an automatic constant system of ozone generator concentration, which is generated by the simultaneous use of ozone generator and online detection system to control the excessive addition of ozone. Bromate, the concentration of the ozone generator is automatically constant to achieve a good bactericidal effect and to control the excessive addition of ozone to produce bromate. Therefore, the problem of public drinking water safety is solved, and secondary pollution is avoided during industrial processing.
Ozone concentration automatically adjusts constant function: Our company's ozone generator is specially designed to automatically adjust the ozone concentration constant function. When 4-20Ma, the ozone concentration can be controlled within the set range; for example: and Promethet (OZE3-mA-2ppm type) DULCOMETER DIL measurement control instrument 0-2ppm) When used together, the ozone generator automatically adjusts the ozone production according to the signal output from the ozone measurement control instrument, so that the ozone concentration can be kept within the set range. The large ring odor concentration automatic constant system has great practical value in many aspects such as improving and ensuring the quality of customers' products.
Dahuan Ozone Equipment Co., Ltd. adheres to the spirit of “integrity management, quality first, and pursuit of excellence” for the pursuit of the company, and spares no effort to provide customers with all-round, high-quality services; has won the favor of many large well-known enterprises. Taking the beverage industry as an example, our company provides equipment and application technology services for well-known enterprises such as Master Kong, Uni-President, Jinmailang, Robust, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nongfu Spring, Yibao, Huiyuan Juice, Tiandi No.1, Jianlibao, etc. Many well-known companies have designated - Dahuan Ozone as a special brand. Only Master Kong's more than 100 factories across the country have used more than 600 large and medium-sized ozone devices. The huge market share and good reputation of users indicate that the majority of users affirm the excellent quality and perfect service of Guangzhou Dahuan ozone equipment. Based on the corporate philosophy of “quality, integrity management”, Dahuan Ozone adheres to the enterprise development tenet of “innovation, quality, service and efficiency” and is committed to providing quality products and high-quality services to customers at home and abroad. I would also like to thank the new and old customers for their strong support to our company. Of course, there are still some shortcomings. We will try our best to do better.

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