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Can ozone generator remove formaldehyde

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2020-12-09 16:03
Can ozone generator remove formaldehyde

People pay more and more attention to formaldehyde pollution, all kinds of formaldehyde scavenging agent, catalytic coal particles, deodorant, fumigation machine, ozone machine and other products emerge at the historic moment, all kinds of products, all kinds of functions. Among them ozone mechanism price is higher. So a lot of people ask, isn't ozone a harmful gas? Can you get rid of formaldehyde? Is there any harm?
First of all, let me give you a little overview of ozone. Ozone, the chemical formula for O3, also known as triatomic oxygen, superoxygen, because of its similar fishy odor and named. Ozone has strong oxidability and is a stronger oxidant than oxygen. It can oxidize at lower temperatures. It can be reduced to oxygen by itself at room temperature. Specific gravity than oxygen, easy to dissolve in water, easy to decompose. Ozone is composed of oxygen molecules carrying an oxygen atom, which determines that it is only a temporary state. In addition to oxidation, the carrying oxygen atoms are used up, and the remaining oxygen atoms are combined into a stable state, so ozone has no secondary pollution.
Due to the longer release period of formaldehyde, ozone can not be completely removed at one time. Start up 40min every day!

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