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Ozone application in swimming pools

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-02-12 17:04
More and more people  in the world have realized the advantages of using ozone in pool and spa water treatment.
Because of its strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, ozone  is very suitable for pool water treatment. Experimental result shows, ozone is 3000 times faster to treat water than chlorine.
Ozone is also recognized as “green disinfectant”, since it does not cause undesired by-product.
However, chlorine reacts with organic waste and forms a large number of highly toxic chloro-organic compounds, also referred to as "combined chlorine".

I. Overview
Design rules for water supply and drainage according to regulations and specifications according to swimming pools and water recreation pools. "CECS14:2002" sets up an ozone treatment device. In addition, some public swimming pools, *** hotels, and community swimming also use ozone technology. People's awareness of the protection of personal hygiene has been further strengthened in the "SARS" hazard. It is foreseeable that ozone treatment of pool water technology will accelerate in the future.
2, the swimming pool uses ozone
Ozone and its secondary product hydroxyl oxygen have the strongest bactericidal and inactivated virus effect, which can effectively prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses. Experiments have shown that the same concentration of ozone kills bacteria and viruses. The effect of chlorine is 600-3000. Times. Ozone is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly green fungicide that does not cause any secondary pollution to the environment. Chlorine preparations react with organic matter in water to form chloroform, chloroform, etc. These substances are recognized as carcinogenic mutagens. When people swim, these toxic substances are absorbed by the body (the body can absorb 500 ml of water per hour in water). Chlorinated organic compounds in water can also irritate the eyes and skin, causing redness and rash.
Ozone is the strongest oxidant, which can effectively decompose the corrosive substances in water, oxidize iron and sulphur ions in water, and decompose tiny organisms that scatter light in water, thus greatly improving the clarity of water and making water appear beautiful blue, while chlorine The formulation does not have this effect. In order to make the water blue, swimming pools using chlorine preparations often require the addition of copper salts, which are extremely harmful to humans.
When a chlorine preparation is added, it causes a change in the pH of the water, which makes people feel uncomfortable, and needs to be neutralized by adding an alkaline or acidic substance. Ozone is a neutral substance and does not cause such problems.
3, ozone technology
The circulating water is disinfected with ozone. The concentration is 0.5-1.0 mg/L. The method generally adopts: the ozone water mixed by the negative pressure generated in the jet is combined with the main stream by the water flow pressure, and the reaction in the contact tank is not less than two minutes. Only to achieve the purpose of sterilization. In order to ensure that the ozone in the air is less than 0.1 ppm, an activated carbon decomposer is installed.
4, the product application diagram

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