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The application of ozone in the car wash industry

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-24 13:59
The application of ozone in the car wash industry
With more and more vehicles, the car wash industry is becoming more and more popular. When it comes to car wash, we are most concerned about the waste of water resources. Due to various factors such as low industry threshold and long-term supervision, there are random flushing and sewage flushing in the car wash. Water waste and pollution problems. According to the survey, the water consumption for washing a car is about 150L, ​​and the cost of flushing a car with a single car is about 10 yuan. The inside of the car wash industry is not standardized, and the waste of water is evident. In fact, in addition to the waste of water resources, the more serious problem is the pollution caused by the irregular setting of the car wash. According to industry insiders, car wash wastewater also contains high concentrations of oils, chemical detergents and heavy metals and other toxic and hazardous substances. If there is no drainage and discharge permit, direct discharge of wastewater into the municipal pipe network will cause serious pollution to the municipal groundwater.
The application of ozone in the car wash industry
The application of ozone in the car wash industry
How to save water, water recycling in car wash equipment has quickly become common. However, there is a risk of microbial pathogens in the water, causing some other problems.
By treating water with ozone, problems associated with harmful microbial pathogens can be overcome. By using ozone as a disinfectant for water, you can kill all fungi, bacteria and viruses that can cause problems. This allows water to be recycled more efficiently, improving economic and environmental performance. Although ozone is not the only treatment that can improve water quality, it is best suited for car wash installations because, unlike chemical solutions such as chlorine, ozone does not have any negative impact on the paint and chrome of automotive bodies.

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