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Warmly celebrate the 21st anniversary of BNP

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:33
Warmly celebrate the 21st anniversary of BNP
In 1998, our company was established in Guangzhou Baiyun District (formerly Guangzhou Dahuan Ozone Technology Co., Ltd.), and the domestic ozone industry is still in its infancy. Our company has already started this industry, which is earlier than most companies in the industry.
At that time, the founder of the company, Zhu Zong, was far-sighted and saw the broad prospects for the future development of the ozone industry. He also saw the relatively backward situation of domestic ozone technology and applications. After the reform and opening up in 1978, the domestic economy began to make great progress. However, in the 98 years after 20 years, the development of the domestic ozone industry is still slow. Under such circumstances, the company's CEO boldly explored ozone technology, formed a team, founded the company, and determined to make achievements in domestic ozone technology and applications.
Looking back on the past 20 years, our company is determined to make progress in ozone technology and application, constantly demanding ourselves with high standards, paying close attention to various fields and aspects of ozone application, and exploring and developing new technologies and products for 20 years. Nowadays, the BNP brand ozone generator of Dahuan Ozone has been spread in various provinces and various application fields in the domestic market, especially in the drinking water industry. Domestic big brand water plants have basically used BNP brand ozone machine disinfection, brand water plant ozone. The machine occupancy rate is over 90%. We are proud to see the drinking water disinfected by our ozone machine in major supermarkets.
In 2017, based on the original water treatment industry, space disinfection, swimming pool disinfection, sewage disinfection, waste gas treatment and other fields, our company has made great breakthroughs in the disinfection field of the aquarium. For example, this year's Shandong Linyi Polar Ocean World order is an order for the Asia-scale Aquarium. In addition, in the international market, Dahuan Ozone has also made new breakthroughs and won many international orders, including the Manila Aquarium in the Philippines and the Ozone Equipment Order in Singapore Zoo.
Ozone applications are widely used in pure water treatment, sewage treatment, space disinfection, aquaculture, swimming pool disinfection, pesticide degradation of fruits and vegetables, and so on. For various fields of ozone application, we have developed different types of ozone generators and have a rich product line. For example, our OZ series models are explosions in small ozone machines, which are known for their good quality, precise concentration control, and convenience. The intelligent SOZ series products are the most extensive, and the models cover a wide range from 6g to 2000g. The models above 2000g can be customized. The machine has been specially designed and arranged for different application fields. For example, the pure water treatment can increase the concentration and automatically control accurately. The large aquarium can increase the functions of PLC numerical control.
In the supporting machine of the ozone system, our company independently develops oil-free air compressors, cold dryers and oxygen machines, and has a mature ozone matching system to provide customers with a complete set of ozone system customization solutions. For example, our oxygen machine continues to pursue technological innovation, from the old method of oxygen production to the new type of oxygen. The new cluster oxygen reduces the air usage by at least 30%, the power is lower, the output oxygen concentration is more stable, and the internal structure is more compact and the failure rate is lower.
If the first 30 years of reform and opening up are the era of "Made in China", then 30 years later, the focus will gradually shift from "Made in China" to "Created in China." With China's accession to the WTO in 2001, *** called on companies to build their own brands and go global. National is the world.
In the first ten years of the company's establishment, the company has done a solid business and worked hard to produce. When bathing in the spring breeze of reform and opening up, I also saw that many companies around them are declining because of the lack of self-owned brands. Like many companies that focus on production, Dahuan Ozone has made great efforts in the production process and product quality control of the products, and has gained a good reputation from customers. However, the tree has a big style, and some unscrupulous merchants are playing the banner of our company and are busy in the market. After 2008, on the basis of the product quality as always, in order to protect its own brand, and in response to the call of ***, the company pays more attention to the construction of its own brand and the intellectual property protection of product patent technology. Up to now, we have applied for dozens of patents, supervised and controlled sales channels, and cracked down on the “cottage machine” that counterfeited our company to circulate in the market and promote the good development of the market.
The transformation from “Made in China” to “Created in China” is not achieved overnight. In the past 20 years, our company has achieved certain achievements in building its own brand, but in the face of a more global market, our company still needs to be based in China. Going deeper and deeper into the world.
The large-ring ozone BNP brand ozone generator is going to the world, which means competing with the developed ozone generator manufacturers. To this end, our company has continuously expanded its R&D team in recent years, increased investment in technology research and development, and also understood the demand dynamics of domestic and foreign customers, ensuring that our technology is constantly updated and close to reality.
 “One Road, One Belt” deployment, Guangzhou is an important trading port for the Maritime Silk Road, the core city of Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau, and the “South Gate” of China. Its importance is self-evident. By further deepening the momentum of economic openness, our company is confident that it will build the domestic and international brand influence of BNP brand ozone generators in the next few years.
2018 is another new starting point, with both opportunities and challenges. Nowadays, the domestic ozone industry has gradually developed. Ozone equipment manufacturers have a lot of good and bad, and Dahuan ozone has always maintained the industry ***, providing quality products and dedicated services for the majority of dealers and end customers. Dahuan Ozone People adheres to the enterprise development tenet of “innovation, quality, service and efficiency”, and continues to move forward and march towards the next 20 years!
Do a solid work, and work hard to produce. Chunhua Qiu Shi 20 years, the ozone industry to see the big ring!

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