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Nestlé Pure Water Sterilization Project

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-02-19 18:02
Nestlé Pure Water Sterilization Project uses 100/200G/H of large ring ozone generators, more than 10 sets, and the feedback effect is good.

It seems that the "Nestlé" brand is coming at hand, and it does not take much effort. Nestle uses its own name to name the brand, but its name is in English, but it has the meaning of “comfortable settlement” and “dependence”. Because of the specific meaning of its name, it is naturally associated with the English word "Nest" (Nest), which uses the Nestle pattern to create a card pattern, which in turn leads to the connection of the baby to be fed, the loving mother and the healthy nutrition. Nestle products. It can be seen that the “Nestlé” brand, which is easy to come by, not only has its rich connotation, but also fully meets the basic requirements of trademark positioning.
First of all, "Nestl" as a brand name is very significant. Although the term is very general, it is often the things that people are familiar with can deepen people's impressions, and they can produce a lot of associations, so that they can be close to life and close to consumers.
Secondly, it is generally different from others. Everyone knows "Nestlé", but only Henry ∙ Nestle used in the trademark, became synonymous with the unique company in the world, established and expanded the company's image, and thus became uncommon.
Again, the close integration of the "Nestlé" name with the "Nestlé" graphic is rare in the history of Western trademarks. The close combination of the two can make people see the name of the figure, see the name and know its graphics, and it is a veritable combination brand.
Nestlé's brand slogan "Good Food, Good Life" is a icing on the cake, and points out the core value of its brand culture. Nestlé food makes us feel more enjoyment of food, by enjoying the taste. "The food and enjoy the beautiful feelings brought by the kind of good life beyond the value of the food itself. It's like being in a tight job, drinking a little Nestle drink or eating a little Nestle food to relax, or relaxing in the leisure time, enjoying Nestlé drinks or food and feeling happy.
The brand positioning of “Nestlé” fully reflects the functional positioning and emotional positioning of the product, which is a perfect combination.

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