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Wang Laoji purchases our company's ozone equipment

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:17
Chinese herbal tea - Wang Laoji purchases our company's ozone equipment
China Herbal Tea--Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. purchases our company's ozone equipment. Due to the upgrade requirements of Wang Laoji's GMP plant, we have reached the aseptic workshop. Wang Laoji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has selected and compared many of them. Now we are purchasing ozone equipment in our company. Purchasing 120g/h, 150g/h, 200g/h each for workshop air disinfection: this also marks the further consolidation of our company's leading position in the field of food, beverage and other applications.
After more than 10 years of research and manufacture of ozone equipment, and the unremitting pursuit of product quality, Dahuan Company has provided excellent service for many beverages, food companies, biopharmaceutical companies and cosmetics companies. Products, especially in the air sector, have almost zero maintenance in the use of many companies. In the field of disinfection has won a very good reputation, the Dahuan brand has been praised by many customers. As a result, some well-known companies in China have to purchase large-area ozone equipment. There have been several such incidents. Some equipment suppliers have already provided equipment to the manufacturers and have been installed and used. Replace and specify equipment to purchase macrocyclic ozone. For example, Shenzhen Master Kong has been installed and used a well-known domestic equipment, and is still designated to replace the equipment with large-circle ozone; Beijing Jianite Company installed and used a domestic manufacturer equipment for Jinmailang, and was also replaced by the designated requirements. Large-loop ozone equipment; of course, there are also the main reasons why these equipments cannot meet the requirements or have many faults during use.
In terms of air disinfection, many companies have mistakenly selected the built-in or combined type when selecting the ozone generator disinfection device. In particular, the central air-conditioning system has chosen the built-in generator to produce ozone due to dirt after a period of use. Descent, increased failure, and difficulty in repairing the ozone generator. Our company adopts an external ozone generator solution, which uses an external clean air source and an independent generation system to connect the ozone with the central air conditioning system, thereby greatly improving the service life of the ozone and facilitating maintenance and maintenance.
Dahuan Company sincerely appreciates the support of new and old customers. Dahuan will continue to provide quality products and service guarantees for more companies.

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