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Production of ozone equipment for the five plants of Jinmala

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:14
Dahuan Ozone will soon produce ozone equipment for five plants in Jinmalang

On February 19th, Hualong Nissin Food Co., Ltd. and Uni-President (China) Investment Co., Ltd. jointly announced the establishment of Jinmailang Beverage (Beijing) Co., Ltd. in Beijing.
Jinmailang Beverage (Beijing) Co., Ltd. has a total investment of 1.8 billion yuan and a registered capital of 600 million yuan. Hualong Nissin and Uni-President have invested 300 million yuan, respectively, which account for 50% of the shares. At the same time, Fan Xianguo, Chairman and President of Hualong Nissin, will assume the position of Chairman of Jinmailang Beverage (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The newly established Jinmailang Beverage is expected to achieve sales of 1 billion yuan in 2006. It will invest in 4 factories across the country, attracting talents and attracting many elites from the industry.
Jinmailang drinks will use “Jinmailang” as the product brand, mainly tea beverages and drinking water. Ice black tea, ice green tea and mineral water will be introduced in the first place, while Jintailang instant noodles are also used in this brand. And today Malang fast food. Similar to the instant noodle industry, the beverage industry is very popular in the market, and it can form a good complementarity with the instant noodle industry.

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