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Ocean Hall ozone disinfection system

Author:www.dahuan.net Views:date:2019-01-09 11:16
Purchasing large-scale aquaculture water and aquarium ozone disinfection system
   Guangzhou Dahuan Ozone Equipment Co., Ltd. is a domestic company with ozone technology as its core. It is mainly used in tap water (drinking water), sewage, film lamination, industrial oxidation, air disinfection, swimming pool disinfection, aquarium water treatment, waste gas treatment, Specialized ozone equipment company for the development, design, manufacture and operation of ozone systems and related products.
   The large-circle ozone aquaculture water and the aquarium ozone disinfection system were purchased by the Singapore Investment Agency in 2006 (now completed in the second phase), and the Ocean Pavilion purchased eight sets of our large-scale ozone disinfection system. Has been used for many years, the user is satisfied with the use of our company's equipment, the second phase has clearly stated that it will purchase our company's equipment. Later, some small marine aquaculture pavilions in China have successively adopted our company's aquaculture water and marine museum ozone disinfection system, such as Changsha Zoo.
   In 2008-2009, Guangzhou Changlong Group Happy World Aquarium purchased a well-known equipment from a certain manufacturer in China. The results were repaired several times in less than two months (because the equipment has not been collected, the maintenance staff of the company sat. Several planes were repaired several times back and forth. Later, through the understanding of the use of domestic equipment in the aquarium, we know the use of Dahuan ozone in the aquarium and the application of Dahuan ozone in many domestic industries, and the production and sales are in a leading position. For example, Master Kang has nearly 100 factories across the country, and all of the equipment using large-ring ozone is about 200 sets of large and medium-sized ozone equipment. Uniform Enterprise, Nongfu Spring, Haitian Soy Sauce, Coca-Cola, Huiyuan, Fujian Dali Group, Jinmai, Danone Yili, etc. A large number of ozone equipment and oxygen generating equipment of Guangzhou Dahuan Ozone Equipment Co., Ltd. were used, and almost all of the ozone equipment used by Nongfu Spring was replaced by Omega ozone equipment. Guangzhou Changlong Group decided to adopt Guangzhou Dahuan Ozone Equipment Aquaculture Water and Aquarium Ozone Disinfection System.
The following mainly introduces the ozone treatment system of our company to the water treatment and disinfection system of the Happy World Aquarium of Guangzhou Changlong Group. The disinfectants commonly used in the waters of the Aquarium are sodium hypochlorite, chlorine dioxide, and ultraviolet radiation. They all have certain limitations or side effects; this time using the green environmental ozone disinfection system as a disinfectant, the effect is clear, the water is clear and blue, the bottom is not destroyed, the function of the biofilm in the living system is not damaged, and there is deodorization and decolorization. Flavor effect. Because Changlong Group is a well-known domestic enterprise, it is quite cautious to raise animals such as sea lions, seals and sharks. Compared with the foreign (expensive) ozone system, our ozone system is fully integrated with the international ozone system and therefore purchases three sets of ozone systems. One of them has been operating without failure for one year, and two sets of ozone systems have been purchased. "Quality is the center, and other work is carried out around this center" to serve customers and meet customer needs, and to contribute to the domestic ozone community.
Ozone working process in aquaculture water:
The ozone system is ionized into ozone (O3) through the high-frequency high-pressure ozone discharge field produced by our company through a part of oxygen (O2) in the qualified raw material air source, and some oxygen in the air in the ozone generator (also using pure oxygen, Due to the large amount of engineering required to replenish air, the air source system is used to ionize ozone. The product gas is ozonized gas. The flow rate, pressure regulating valve adjustment and vortex flowmeter, pressure transmitter and temperature transmitter detect flow. , pressure, temperature, and ozone monitor to detect the ozone concentration (can be detected by ORP control), the ozone generated by the ozone generator is absorbed into the gas water jet and absorbed into the protein separator to fully mix in order to avoid the risk of excessive ozone. The ozone-treated water can be filtered through activated carbon and returned to the farm.
The main role of ozone disinfection in aquaculture water:
1. Destroy bacteria, mold, mildew, yeast, fungi, and weak virus spores in water;
2. Ozone can oxidize and destroy oily pollutants;
3. Ozone can oxidize to reduce excess mineral content in water such as iron and manganese;
4. Ozone can eliminate residual chlorine in water;
5. Ozone release does not produce the odor that is present in the air in water, and does not irritate the eyes and skin of humans and aquatic animals;
6. Ozone does not affect the chemical composition of the pH value KH that controls the water quality.
Ozone gas is fully mixed and then enters the culture water to kill E. coli. It has a strong killing effect on spores, fungi, molds, viruses, algae, etc., and there is no secondary residue. In order to balance the biological filtration effect and water quality related indicators; the water quality and sanitation requirements for raising marine animals can be achieved.
The role of ozone in aquarium water treatment ensures that water quality parameters are within a specific range. Water quality requirements include not only the provision of crystal clear water, but also oxidized organics, killed bacteria and viruses, and minimizing or eliminating the formation of chloramines. The tightness and effectiveness of the ozone system has made ozone the option of disinfecting aquarium water treatment facilities.

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